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Our Services

Virtual and hybrid events

Engage with your audience in incredible ways online with virtual and hybrid events in Saudi Arabia. Whether your event will have an in-person component (as is the case with hybrid events) or will be fully online, we can help you reach your target audience in exciting and engaging ways. We’ll help you to create remarkable and seamless experiences no matter the medium so that you can achieve your business goals.

Conferences and exhibitions

Conferences and exhibitions in Saudi have the potential to be powerful marketing tools for your brand, which is why it’s vital to get them right. We help our clients create engaging conferences and exhibitions from concept to execution. From risk management, security, and logistics to safety protocols and travel arrangements—our expert team will take care of every aspect of your event to ensure its success.

Drive experiences

We have an exceptionally skilled and experienced drive division that expertly handles automotive events in Saudi Arabia. We collaborate with you to produce unparalleled automotive experiences that range from launches and dealer training to thrilling corporate experiences.

Team building

Building relationships with your team is invaluable. We create team-building experiences in Saudi Arabia that allow you to nurture relationships, foster a sense of community and smooth over any internal issues. Each of our creative and innovative team-building activities centers on a specific objective and is facilitated by professionals to ensure you meet your business goals.

Gala Banquets

Gala Banquets in Saudi allow you to spoil your employees or delight your customers. We’ll work with you to create impressive gala events that align with your brand but are also culturally and socially appropriate. From decor and entertainment to sumptuous food and the best staff, we will cater to all your event needs.

Product launches

New products need to be unveiled in extraordinary ways that create meaningful brand experiences; you need to create an impact. We can help you to dazzle with sensational product launches in Saudi Arabia that align with your brand, your vision, and your marketing strategy, and our creative team will ensure it’s equally innovative and memorable.

Events Branding

Companies that take their brand seriously understand that branding allows them to separate from the competition, build loyalty, and bring in revenue. It is more than just a logo; it’s an opportunity to trigger emotional responses from your audience. Live branded events take branding to another level through communicate a company’s brand message and goals like no other media can. Live events branding allows a brand to create a memorable brand experience that will resonate in the audience’s heart and minds.

Event Management and Production

We have had the privilege of conceiving and delivering some of the most high profile and prestigious events in both public and private sectors in Saudi Arabia.
Our skillful project managers and operational staff draw on their years of experience to produce events that are extraordinary, absorbing and highly engaging – making them unforgettable.


What We Do

We deliver compelling ideas for branding, advertising, strategic planning, marketing strategies, media buying and social media. Be it media, exhibitions, events or interior designing, we ensure that our creative solutions result in your brand having a high impact even in the most competitive environments. Customised blueprints are brought to life in our state-of-the-art design studio equipped with full-fledged production and fabrication units.

From conception to production, we provide an end to end service that includes design, content writing, publication, engineering, manufacturing and installation.






Rentals & Sales

We Provide Solutions. 

We are a full-service company that not only provides great service through our highly trained personnel but our products can also be used by our clients for both rental and purchase needs.


Gian Empress not only has a large inventory in stock, but we also provide custom build-outs which can be 'made to order' for certain specifications and needs.


We provide high quality interior decoration with fire-proof fabrics imported from Europe

Video Convention


Being in the forefront of event management our services range extends from Co-ordination – Venue/Logistics, provision/facilitating of the required event infrastructure and management of the total event/exhibition. 

We can fulfill the needs of our clients by co-ordinating all local requirements while assisting in formulating and bringing to life event concepts to suit specific needs.

Along with our team of talented and specialized staff we will look after each aspect of your event from the beginning right through to the end taking upon ourselves the full responsibility of pleasing you.


Always being unique, if someone really wants something amazing to happen, then we will be the solution.

Art Gallery


With over 15 years’ experience and being a pioneer in exhibitions, we have the capability to manage exhibitions to meet the specific objectives of any organiser.


Using in-house resources, we are geared to cater to any organiser with comprehensive services at highly competitive rates, whilst completely taking over from the organiser the hassle, stress and pressure of organizing and running an exhibition.


We will manage your exhibition from conception to completion and ensure smooth delivery of every segment of the exhibition.


Today, Giant Empress have grown to become the largest professional firework company in the Bahrain. 


Utilising our experienced team of designers and display managers we are able to deliver spectacular shows from the most unconventional of sites using state of the art wireless firing technology and SFX equipment. 


Robust systems and procedures ensure that musically choreographed performances are synchronised perfectly as precise firings are programmed to the exact hundreth of a second! Our passionate design team deliver a wide range of dramatic displays and special effects that are all individually designed to give the best possible experience to the watching audience.

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