Al Ertikaz Almasi

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Al – Ertikaz Al - Masy structures make ideal military facilities because they’re engineered to handle extreme conditions like hurricane winds and rains, and frequent sand storms like those in the Middle East. Al – Ertikaz Al - Masy structures are a step up from traditional military tents because they provide comfortable climate control with a highly energy-efficient insulation package. With accessories like large hangar doors, cargo doors and personnel doors, as well as natural lighting options, Al – Ertikaz Al - Masy structures maximize space and efficiency for army barracks, marine corps barracks and air force facilities, and require limited manpower to set up. Al – Ertikaz Al - Masy’s structure is made of quality materials that can easily and quickly be erected, relocated, and adapted to suit changing mission needs. And just like other military tents, Al – Ertikaz Al - Masy’s lightweight, rust-free aluminum substructure and flexible tensioned architectural membrane make shipping to remote locations a breeze. Al – Ertikaz Al - Masy structures can also be leased for any military lodging facilities or air force facilities applications ranging from one month to five years. Contact your Al – Ertikaz Al - Masy representative for details about our options for military facilities. 

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 Saudi Arabia Riyadh
+966 92 0000 415

+966 59 0009 001


King Abdul Aziz Road, Al Wurud Box: 4121

Riyadh - 12254 Building Number: 7792

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